Gincu Stick Co ltd,founded in 2009,focus on floorball products,  glass fiber sporting goods to custom-made carbon parts. 

We produce floorball sticks following  IFF regulations. Sticks we produced are of accurate flex and high performance. A range of sticks to choose both for fun and for professional players.You can also get good painting work and high quality grips.

Our engineers have more than ten years practices in carbon fiber industry and familiar with choosing the high quality material manufacturing your products.The carbon fiber we used are the best and the price you can get are the best in China. 

We are good at offering carbon solution to buyers,capable of producing certain carbon products meeting industry standard for your brands. 

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Floorball stick

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               Gincu Stick Co., limited 
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               Tel: 021 505 906 11

               Contact person: Hsu


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